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Guelph Running is all about bringing reliable information to fans and athletes in Athletics, including track and trail running, far and height jump, and throwing. Some of the most celebrated and respected records in athletics are held in track and Field running and draw many fans athletic and Olympic events throughout the world.

Athletic Clubs

Athletic Clubs - About

To learn more about athletic clubs in Canada and how to join those that offer training and coaching in various athletics disciplines, visit this magazine frequently to read our latest articles. Some of the most promising athletes and Olympians are part of or trained with clubs that we mention and recommend.

With athletic clubs being highly beneficial to health and developing further athletic skills and determination into competitiveness, we look at all the benefits and health attributes of joining an athletic club.

Events and Competitions

We provide vital information on the most anticipated athletic and Olympic events happening throughout Canada, with summer games and winter games being widely discussed. We detail all the categories of these events, focusing on track and field sports within the athletic events.

Athletics Sport

Athletics Sport - About

Atheltic sports are widely followed in Canada. We provide detailed information on the events, championships, training tips, and the most famous athletic clubs to join and follow. Athletics sports combine many different disciplines, including running, throwing, and jumping, which are all included in summer and winter games throughout Canada and other specialized events.

For updated information on how to get the most out of athletics efforts, training, and how to join clubs, visit this magazine frequently. We are dedicated to providing information on Athletics in Canada and internationally. Athletic clubs can be found all over Canada and can be used for professional or recreational reasons.