Top Athletic Clubs in Canada

Athletic clubs provide sports facilities to members and are dedicated to various sports within athletics. Athletics include different sports in throwing, jumping, and running races. Track and Field are among the most popular categories within athletics, but the clubs include various sports.

Here we look at some of Canada’s most dedicated and famous athletic clubs.

Sackville Chebucto Athletics

Sackville Chebucto Athletics - Top Athletic Clubs in Canada

Although Sackville Chebucto Athletics Club is a small volunteer organization operating since 1976 with a passion for Coaching and competing, the club usually has around 50 members competing at events and competitions around Canada each season. Some of their members have established themselves as provincial, international, and national champions.

Athletics Niagara – Ontario

Athletics Niagara is an athletics club that has been dedicated to providing assistance with events, sporting facilities, and coaching in Ontario since 1974. Their main objective is to guide athletes through sports education in a safe environment. Each member is evaluated and educated on their specific sport in athletics to achieve maximum growth.

As a club that’s dedicated to the full spectrum of athletics, anybody can join if they want to partake in sprints, jumps and multi-events, distant and mid-distance running and throws.

BOOST Athletics – Ontario

BOOST Athletics Ontario - Top Athletic Clubs in Canada

BOOST Athletics Club is a community-based and not For Profit track and field organization that provides services to the Mississauga and Brampton areas of Ontario. Established in 2017, the club is still relatively new, yet it has built a positive relationship with its community.

They focus on skill development and competitive excellence in sprints, distance jumps, and throws. The trainers are all accomplished athletes who strive to coach and mentor their athletes.

Golden Ears Athletics Club – British Columbia

Golden Ears Athletics Club British Columbia - Top Athletic Clubs in Canada

Golden Ears Athletics club is committed to the development of athletics sports. They focus on training athletes to develop physically and mentally while developing skills associated with Track and Field.

With a wide focus on self-esteem and positive self-image development with sport, they provide a positive but fun atmosphere for developing your skills further. If you do not need further training, they have dedicated facilities to use.

The clubs on this list are all dedicated to assisting athletes and those who want to get involved with athletics sports to develop further in their dedicated sports.