Athletics Blogs

Athletics Blogs - Athletics Blogs
Following any of the blogs on this list will provide you with updated information and advice on athletic clubs, athletics sports, and events throughout Canada and news on international championships.

Michelle The Runner –

Michelle The Runner - Athletics Blogs

Michelle is a competitive runner and fitness enthusiast in Toronto with a passion for everything to do with running, whether professionally or for fitness reasons. Established in 2010, she has developed the blog into a trusted and reliable blog on all the latest tips and insights into running and athletics.

Canadian Running Magazine –

Canadian Running Magazine - Athletics Blogs

Canadian Running Magazine is the number one Canadian magazine for running news, nutrition, and training tips, gear, and reviews on previous records set by championships and events. The magazine posts up to 3 posts each on running and athletics. Whether you are a professional athlete or just run recreationally, this magazine is a reliable resource for running news.

GMacSpurr Coaching –

The GMacSpurr Coaching Blog features online running and nutrition coaching tips and articles. The articles are focused on all levels of athletics disciplines, including track & Field, sprinting, and jumping. They post frequently and provide vital information on athletics training and coaching in Canada, including details on clubs to join. – is one of the most valuable blogs to follow when meeting other passionate athletes. The community was established in 2008 and posts frequently on the most important topics about athletics in Canada. The community consists of runners who work together to spread honest news, insights, and advice about athletics.

Canada Running Series –

Canada Running Series - Athletics Blogs

Established in 2015 in Toronto, CRS is the country’s premier running series composed of eight races from Quebec to British Columbia. The blog provides information on the most popular rung, best records made in Canada, and a bit about the history of Canadian athletics.

These are Canada’s most reliable blogs to follow on running and athletics. If you are knowledgeable in athletics, consider joining our writing team.