Upcoming Athletic Competitions

Athletic championships are some of the most crowd-drawing events in sports throughout Canada due to the number of athletic clubs that exist throughout the country. Athletics, especially track and field categories, are widely hosted through many clubs.

With many international championships also being hosted in Canada, we look at the most anticipated athletics events running through 2022 in Canada.

The Canadian Track and Field Championships – June 2022 to June 26

The Canadian Track and Field Championships will be taking place in Langley, British Columbia, with great anticipation. The annual championships always bring a large attendance to the event with the inclusion of national championships for seniors and Para Athletics. Some of the events will be serving as trials for the world athletics championships.

The event will be hosted at the McLeod Athletic Park Running Track.

Canada Summer Games

The Canada Summer Games are held every two years in Niagara, Ontario. It’s the main event for amateur sports representing the highest national competition level. Thousands of up-and-coming Canadian athletes attend the event to showcase their sporting talents. The event includes more than 18 sports, including various athletic events such as track and field.

The whole championship runs from August 6 to August 21 and proves to be one of the most popular athletic and sports events to witness in Canada. This will be the 28th edition of the championships and will be hosted in Ontario for the 3rd time but the first in 21 years.

Ottawa 10K Championship

The Ottawa 10K Championships are presented as one of the world’s best fields of pro runners, with thousands of participants from across the National Capital Region. The events start out at the Ottawa City Hall and take the athletes down Rideau Cnael, which is a world heritage site. The finish, as usual, will be in front of thousands of cheering spectators.

The event will be showcasing some of the top Canadian athletes and one of the most dedicated tracks in the world. This is an event where international fans and athletes visit and could motivate anybody to train harder for their dreams to get not athletics championships.

With the wide variety of winter and summer sports that are available in Canada, there are many festivals to attend. These events are dedicated to athletic sorts only and provide a great chance to see what Canada has to offer with track n field running, which has been part of many international championships.