Which Types of Athletics can you Bet on

If you are passionate about gambling or athletics, finding the right sportsbook can allow you to bet on athletics in various forms. This article will guide you through the multiple disciplines in Athletics to bet on.

Track and Field

Track and Field - Which Types of Athletics can you Bet on

Track and Field is one of the most popular disciplines in athletics to bet on as it’s the most popular among spectators. These events take place inside a stadium with a running track. Over 44 track and field events occur among competitors from various countries during an Olympics event. Betting on track and field categories such as sprints, distance running, and hurdling can be lucrative and entertaining.

Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running is for the bettors who like to bet on more extreme and off-road athletics that are not held in a stadium. These races are done in nature with gravel and obstacles that the athletes may encounter. You can either bet how long it will take a specific athlete to finish or where they will finish.

Mountain Running

Some of the activities in mountain running can last several hours or a mere 15 minutes. The tracks are never level and have many uphills and downhills to challenge the athletes to their limits. Betting on mountain running can be just as exciting as Cross Country Running.

Trail Running

Trail Running has been part of athletics since 2015. It is showing fast growth in popularity among athletics fans and athletes. Betting on trail running, you can guess the time it will take for the race to finish, how long an athlete will take to complete, and who will be winning the race.

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