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As a Magazine about athletics, athletic clubs, events, and events and competitions, we are constantly looking for more writers to join our team and write informative articles on athletics and the disciplines within the sport that brings cheer to sports fans worldwide.

As we are dedicated to only providing our readers with reliable and honest information, you will need to be able to provide us with insightful work. We are dedicated to the world of athletics sports such as track & Field, sprinting, and all other athletics disciplines in Canada.

As we focus primarily on the Canadian athletics sector, you will need to reside in Canada and be able to have vital knowledge of the sports scene, its clubs, and athletes. Most of our articles are based on track & Field with knowledgeable details on how to train when striving to become an Olympian and the most important aspects to remember about sports that are dedicated to Canada.

With good knowledge of Canada’s athletics, sports, clubs, and training methods, you willhttps://guelphrunning.ca/contact-us need to have good skills in the English language and be able to be fluent in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Other than skills in English

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With our readers being both beginners and more advanced athletes, you will need to come up with fluent topics that could intrigue both audiences and keep readers interested in visiting the magazine frequently.

If you feel that you can contribute to Guelph Running with exciting and intriguing articles, you can contact us for more information on how to apply for a writing job. We are dedicated to quality and honesty. Any applicant must undergo an extensive examination to ensure all our quality measures are intact with versatility in audience attraction.

Contact Guelph Running Magazine if you think you can contribute to our writing team and have knowledge of athletics, athletics clubs, and training.